Welcome to Bardsphere. This is a place where the world of a deceade long rule laden adventures with my adult friends can meet the whimsical Lets just have fun” world of my 12 year old sons love of the RPG genre also.

Note: All things Spartak related will be approved by Zoberon.

This site is intended to house the world in which our trilogy plays out. This is going to be played out in three chapters and follows the Pinkfeather Family story line.

The Flying Gnome Trilogy:

Book One: The Circus Cruise Catastrophe Amrosh Pinkfeather and Peanut Pinkfeather sign on to be starring entertainment aboard the airship named the Manuminted Peri where they first meet Lucille (later Mrs. Pinkfeather and a plethora of individuals that play a key part in the Flying Gnome storyline. Hippo

Book Two: Sundered Grace “from light to dark..to light again” The story starts with a Pinkfeather tragedy and centers around the development of a unique shining hope in the world “Sundered Grace”..(A yooung Drow Elf) emerges from the stories marrow to embrace the light and seek out new friends of similiar minds. Drow a

Book Three: The View for “almost 4 feet” This is the life story of Perriwinkle Pinkfeather, her companions, and what REALLY drove Peri to strive for her ultimate finale.


The question will remain is the Finale a triumph or a tragedy.


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